Saturday, August 24, 2013

I should probably change the name of this blog to land doodles....

Griffith Park, next to the 5. I like to do these with a process post in mind, because it forces me to be organized and not jump ahead of myself.

Line Drawing. Really trying to ignore small details (really hard for me to do) and concentrate on the biggest shapes, or "groups of stuff". I'm not thinking "trees, mountain, trees on top of mountain, sky", more like "big triangle shape pointing down and to the left". I didn't even bother putting in the hillside bushes at this point, since I figured  they weren't big enough shapes and not as important in making the statement I was going for at this stage.

Lightest light/ darkest dark/ easiest color. Some of the bigger shadow shapes, the sky, and what I thought would be the easiest color to get right. Still not too worried about the hill bushes. I started to block them in, but decided, as far as shadow patterns go, it was too spotty.

Color block in. Really trying to not worry about color subtleties. In Kevin Macpherson's book, he suggests blocking in color like you are cutting pieces of colored paper into simple shapes amd pieceng them together. I'm really trying to stick to that idea. Cutting out tiny color variations and gradients would suck if you had to do it with a pair of scissors. 

Detailing. Now that the biggest relationships are worked out. I just have to look at the subtle variations. Warmer, cooler, lighter, darker. I've given myself enough information that I've narrowed down the guess work.

I was thinking that painting landscapes are like describing a person in words. You start with the biggest descriptors, and work towards smaller details. You'd probably start with their height, skin and hair color, not the shape of their nostrils or mouth. Same with landscapes, at least for me. I'm trying to see the the biggest descriptors, like the shape and overall color of trees and mountains, not the individual blades of grass, rocks, or leaves.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Guy...

I did this a while ago. I think I hated it, but I think I like it a little now. Hmmm, give me a week or two and I'll go back to hating it. If you've drawn the figure in LA, you might know this guy... I can't remember his name though. 

And here's a little something I did for a friend of mine, Joe Pitt. The drawing and character design are his. I just put colors on, but it was fun. Did I mention that you can see his artwork HERE.

Monday, August 12, 2013

WB Lot

I tried finding a spot to paint at Lake Hollywood, but there was too much going on. I headed bank to Burbank, missed a turn, and saw this as I was making my way back around. If I were a true LA driver, I would have just stopped and reversed in traffic. Same process, but I feel like my block ins are getting better, since the final is mostly just adding detail.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Visual Development for Big Hero 6

A visdev piece for Big Hero 6 that was just released. I wish it turned out better. Just know that the movie looks 1,000,000,000 times better, and the other visdev work being done is humbling at the very least. Big Hero 6 comes out in 2014. Image property of Disney.