Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Round 3...

These were some of my favorite paintings from the last 2 years on Ralph. A couple of moments, Taffyta's kart (I designed) and King Candy's kart (original design by Lorelay Bove). And, because I get asked a lot, the karts are all painted, no 3D. Lastly, one of the matte paintings I did on the show. The image beneath it shows the 3D elements in green.
All images are property/copyright Disney

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Round 2...

Another batch of visdev. Some early Hero's Duty stuff. First up, an early version of Calhoun and a take on the soldier. Then some early moments (the second was an homage to Zone of Enders 2) and a couple of tower ideas a take on the escape pod ejection. The baby bug was a look painting over Scott Watanbe's drawing, and Minkyu Lee's design. Last is the medal moment. I wish the eagles had stayed. All images are property/copyright Disney

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Round 1....

Here's the first round of visdev that I did for Wreck-It Ralph (if you're counting post movie release... which I am). This is all early Sugar Rush work. The first was a desert/dessert section of the track, originally designed by the amazing Kevin Nelson. The next few were explorations for the candy cane forest. These were heavily influenced by the work of the spectacular Brittney Lee. She actually built sections of Sugar Rush out of candy. You should buy the Art of Wreck-It Ralph to see some images of the actual models. Then some "hero" candy cane trees for an earlier version of the script, and finally some work for the crash sequence. Tune in for round 2 next week. All images are property/copyright Disney.