Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wreck - it Ralph visdev

Some visdev/production art was released by Disney for the movie, so I guess it's okay to post here. Here's a moment I painted (the unedited version this time) where Ralph goes to a first person shooter for the first time.

Wreck-it Ralph is (c) Disney

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"What are you doing Dave?"

 *UPDATE* the lounge at work. First time I've actually sat down there.

The whole time I was painting this, I kept thinking of HAL from space odyssey. I am not afraid of my oven though.... it doesn't work. This was done using my new samsung slate. Awesomeness. Not really a fan of windows, but since Apple is against anyone using any kind of stylus with pressure sensitivity, or even making their own tablet mac (I bought a modbook... not so awesome), I gots me a slate. I installed a hotkey plug in so I have touch screen on the side of my tablet for hot keys, and wacom pressure sensitive pen on the rest. Still getting used to the work flow, but I like it. Here's some links given to me by the awesome Tony Jung who helped me set up my slate.


Wacom Drivers for the slate