Monday, May 28, 2012

Pasadena Industrial

painting structural stuff on the ipad is.... difficult.


Ben Ho said...

Nice paintings man! I have a few questions about painting on the ipad if you dont mind me asking (as I am thinking of investing in one myself). What program do you use to paint on the iPad and is there a stylus you recommend to go with it? Thanks in advance.

RYAN said...

Thanks for the comment. I use the sketchbook pro app and a griffin stylus. I've heard there are better stylus, like the wacom one, but the griffin is fine by me. My workflow is set up where I have 4 flattened oval brushes at 100% opacity; vertical, horizontal, 45 degrees right and left. I use the airbrush at a really low opacity to blend colors that I can't get with the sliders, like a subtle value shift. Hope that helps.