Monday, March 16, 2009

I have A blog?

Some movie studies, flickr studies, and doodles.


The_Geeks said...

yes you do have a blog. Nice update

Romain said...


Mmm .. ok you're good ..

by the way, I was curious about something. When you're using photo references, are you just copying them or are you painting directly over it ?

C.B. Canga said...

awesome as always!!!!

RYAN said...

Thanks peeps.

Romain: First, WHAT'S UP MAN!!? How've you been? Second, since I get asked about my work flow sometimes, here's a brief description.

I'll find an image I want to study. I make a new blank document 2 times the original's size, and basically start painting from scratch. I have the reference image up on the side of my monitor. I don't color pick, but really use these as exercises to see how color works. "A grey next to a cool is warm", try and push colors, and so on. Also, I try to figure out what brushes give me the edges I want. I don't want to "copy" an image, but study the shapes of color and light.

The 3:10 to Yuma shot is a good example because alot is described with temperature change instead of value changes.

Romain said...

well, I'm fine
Did you know I ended up staying 5 month in your country instead of the 2 intitialy planed ? I have been working on my film (and I still do..)
Also, I am flying to Japan next week !
Anyway, I can totaly see the purpose of your exercice, I was just curious about the way you were proceeding.
Thanks for the explanation !

(by the way, I just realized I forgot to put your blog in my link list, it's now fixed)

pablo pablo said...

wow, man. Powerful post!

DerMidlet said...

sweet studies, is your school work a secret or something??

theo said...

very inspiring as usual.

I keep trying to figure out how you do those textures on your landscapes. It looks amazing.