Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My favorites were the first (1 minute poses) and the last two (20 minutes each).


Helen said...

Damn, that was fast :D

good stuff, blah blah blah. >:)

emerson said...

What she said. =D

The lost and found in your drawings works very well. Then again, you were the one who got a compliment from Henry.

Ed Ko said...

big pad? lol

carguin said...

So, I wasn't lying when I said, the reason why I never commented is because your work is too intimidating.

Each post is better than the previous one. I think you put me into depression. o\_/o

Ying.Chen said...

the model basically gushed about your drawings :D

man, i think i've said this before but you make me want to cry.