Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I've gone and started a blog....

For those of you who may stumble on this blog by accident, my name is Ryan Lang. I'm currently a student at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I draw things. I'll post some of my stuff here, mainly for friends and family to see what I do, but if you don't know me, and like what you see, neat. Leave a comment or something.

Thanks for stopping by


Maria said...

I've come across your blog and am just speechless. Am studying Illustration online in AAU but after seeing your worX...man! I think I'll just go and shoot myself! I know it should inspire me and everything but I think these stuffs work otherwise on me! Well I love everything you've posted so far and hope to stay alive long enough to see more from you! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't click on my blog add. I wanted to post this anonymous but apparently it's not possible.

agent ouchie said...

damnit i reached the last (first?) post. wonderful stuff! can't wait to look at it again ;3

NickZ. said...

Thank you for sharing your art with us all! Very inspiring stuff! I love it all!

Peace-NickZ. :)